Artist Paintings and Vincent Van Gogh

When people discuss artist paintings, abstract art, and the Renaissance period, the most famous painters that come to mind are da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michael Angelo, and Van Gogh. So much were taught on the first two artists and yet very little on Van Gogh, the artist who cut his ears. Vincent Wilhelm Van Gogh was born to a family of artists who was into art dealing. This is why art is not new to Van Goh.

He was born in 1853 and it was not until 1880 when he decided to be an artist. Prior to this, he originally wanted to be a church minister. He failed theology school in 1878 and suffered a breakdown because he was a very religious man and really was devoted to become a preacher. He went back to his parents in 1881 and sketched lots of drawings, although majority of those etchings are now lost. It was during this time that he developed a romantic feeling for this cousin, Kee, and proposed marriage later on. He was refused because Kee’s father said that he was not yet able to sustain the finances of raising a family. As a result of devastation, Van Gogh fled to Hague.

People who will view artist paintings from Van Gogh (during his time) will notice that he painted or drew with water colors. The problem was, his work did not prove to be worthy of his uncle’s expectations when he committed himself as a full time painter. Van Gogh was disappointed but never stopped. He worked on very simple artist paintings like figures. He made several changes in his studio and improved his overall working environment. Finally, it was in 1883 that he focused on multi-figure paintings and compositions.

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