The Historic Paintings of Rembrandt

As everyone in the world of art knows, Rembrandt is one of the greatest painters that ever lived and walked this planet. Also called as a prophet of civilization, Rembrandt is not like other artists who gained claim to fame after death. He was very successful in his youth with his historic paintings until he wasted away in old age with debts to pay.

He was born in Leiden, Netherlands, to a middle class family in 1606. He went to a Latin school and started his painting career early in his life by becoming an apprentice to a famous painter in his time. At a very young age, about 19, he opened his own studio and started to craft historic paintings that are until now valued by millions of dollars.

Perhaps the most notable of Rembrandts historic paintings are the Night Watch and the Jewish Bride. The Night Watch is more popular and it is called De Nachtwacht in Dutch in its original title. It is very symbolic and depicted many things. Also called The Company in the museum where it is displayed, it is very famous for its three elements: the size, the use of shadow and light, and the motion. It was completed in 1642 and it shows a group of men led by a captain named Frans Banning Cocq.

The painting shows a traditional emblem of soldiers or Arquebusiers. There is a girl in yellow, who happens to act like a mascot, who carries the symbols in the painting. One would find chicken claws on her belt and these claws represent the soldiers. There is also a pistol behind the chicken and there is a man in the painting who has an oak leaf in his helmet.

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