The Renaissance – the Beginning of Famous Art Paintings

The Renaissance is probably the most colorful, excuse the pun, part of the history of art and intellectualism. Many famous art paintings were made or painted in this era and many of these paintings are still carefully preserved in our time, found in museums where they are valued at millions of pounds, francs, or dollars. It spanned more than 300 years starting from the 14th century down to the 16th century. This is the longest revolution in terms of intellectual content throughout the history of the world. Felt mostly in Europe, this movement was made prominent by the likes of Michael Angelo, Rafael, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli. Arguably, people say that it was only luck that these three people lived at the same time that the Renaissance occurred.

Renaissance means rebirth, referring to the cultural rebirth when it all started. This movement served as an inspiration to incite critical and revolutionary thinking and this was done through learning from the past. What happened in this era was that scholars searched old texts and attempted to learn the truth. Today, many scholars argue that famous art paintings of the Renaissance started in Italy before it moved to Europe. This revolution was felt mostly in the world of intellectualism, politics, science, philosophy, and art.

To some people, it is believed that the so-called Black Plague caused this intellectual revolution. Also called the Black Death, it was essentially a viral pandemic that infected and killed many people. As a result, the people of that time learned to value their lives more than anything else and tried to enrich their intellect and creativity. They valued their mortality more than anything else, realizing that life can be so short. The famous art paintings that were spawned in this era are the very manifestations of that cultural revolution.

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