Woman Attacks Mona Lisa Painting with Teacup

(Historic Paintings) A Russian woman last week attempted to damage the Mona Lisa painting by pulling a Teacup out of her purse and throwing it at the painting. Security promptly detained the woman until police could arrive to arrest her. The painting wasn’t damaged thanks to a bullet proof clear casing that surrounds the painting.

The Mona Lisa, on display at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, France, is the most popular painting by Leonardo Da Vinci and some contend it is the most popular painting worldwide. The attack against the Mona Lisa isn’t the first time someone has tried to damage or destroy it. In 1974 another woman used red spray paint on the painting when it was on tour in Tokyo, Japan. However, like with the recent attack, the Mona Lisa had a protective clear shield around it. In 1956 the painting faced two attacks. One was an attack that severely damaged a lower portion of the painting. The other attack was when a Bolivian man threw a rock at the painting and did do some very minor damage. Restoration was done in both cases.

The most famous incident involving the Mona Lisa was when it was stolen in 1911 and believed to be lost forever. Two years later they caught the person responsible (an employee where it was being displayed) when he tried to sell the painting.

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